Our mother earth is the place where we all live, and it is the duty of each person who lives on it to protect it and keep it safe and sustainable. 

The care and sustainability of nature and wildlife in Palestine are essential to the Palestinian people and all lovers who care about the environment and nature conservation around the World

You can protect threatened species and their habitats today with a donation to the Palestine Wildlife Society (PWLS).

Your support of PWLS nature and biodiversity conservation work will make a difference in Palestine and to the World.

Your donation makes you a member of our website to receive our PWLS newsletters and upon request receiving a gift of our PWLS product items.

Your donations will entitle you to one of the following memberships:

  1. A Diamond membership
  2. A Golden membership
  3. A Silver membership
  4. A Bronze membership

For any additional information, please contact the following email:


IBAN: PS96 ARAB 0000 0000 9050 7159 0351 3   (Dollar)

IBAN: PS49 ARAB 0000 0000 9050 7159 0358 3   (Euro)

Swift Code: ARABPS22050


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