PWLS Visions


PWLS’s Vision

Towards pristine wildlife, empowered communities and a sustainable environment in Palestine.


PWLS’s Mission

Palestine Wildlife Society works in Partnership with local stakeholders and communities and with international key players in an innovative way to Conserve species, habitats and sites, Promote ecological sustainability and Empower  people for positive environmental  change through national, regional and international programmes.


PWLS’s Values

PWLS has adopted nine organisational values to guide its work:


  • The Society has no goals or activities in political, religious and ethnic fields.  It provides its services to all citizens without exception and in all places.
  • PWLS is transparent in all its work and is accountable to its members, funders and supporters
  • PWLS is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that is not negatively influenced by government, funders or other bodies
  • PWLS believes people and wildlife can live together in harmony, and works with communities to empower them to conserve their environment
  • PWLS takes pride in its professionalism and credibility and aims to consistently produce high quality work
  • PWLS works in partnerships and collaborates with others to achieve shared values and aims
  • PWLS is passionate about, and committed to its mission and messages
  • PWLS values its staff, volunteers & members & believes team work is central to the success of the organisation
  • PWLS believes that its work should be self-sustaining beyond the end of projects


Strategic objectives

PWLS has defined three objectives to focus its work. These are:

  1. Conserve species, habitats and sites
  2. Promote ecological sustainability
  3. Empower people for positive environmental  change