Dialogue session on food and Palestinian heritage

Palestine Wildlife Society held on Tuesday, 24th August 2021, a special dialogue session on the Palestinian food heritage and heritage within its project to promote intercultural dialogue and sustainability through Mediterranean food funded by Anna Linda foundation through CNEWA Pontifical Mission.

The session was moderated by Mr. Ibrahim Odeh a program manager at PWLS, He welcomed the participants in the Environmental Salon and the participants via Zoom, and gave them an introduction to the food in the Mediterranean.

On the other hand, Mr. Imad Atrash, Executive Director of PWLS, gave a brief of the project and the importance of the Palestinian cultural heritage in food. And also, he thanked the project’s funder and partners in Palestine and abroad.


As For Ms. Fadwa El Shaer, President of the Anna Linda Foundation and co-founder of PWLS, spoke about Anna Linda Foundation in the region, the partners, the projects and its importance. She also thanked the PWLS for its efforts in strengthening the partnership, activating the project’s activities and spreading it to be a distinctive model in Palestine.


Then Dr. Na’el Salman, project coordinator, gave a lecture on the project about foods in the Mediterranean region and he gave examples of these foods.


The last lecture was for Mr. Augustin Shomali, Palestinian Chef, He gave some samples of Palestinian foods and recipes and the method of preparing them and incorporating them into a modern mold while preserving the original folk cultural heritage.

In the end, the discussion was opened to the participants and questions were asked to Chef Augustin.