Project: Eco Youth and Women for 'Go Green Practices' Project

مشروع نساء و شباب نحو ممارسات بيئية خضراء

Palestine Wildlife Society (PWLS) implements Eco Youth and Women for '’Go Green Practices’ Project through Active Citizenship (ACA) Project implemented by Global Communities (GC) with funding from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

  • Targeted Areas: 10 Rural communities located in the two Governorates. These 10 communities inhabited by about 100,000 inhabitants who suffers from political segregation, socio-economic challenges, and lack of provided services:
  • West of Bethlehem Governorate (rural communities) to the south of Jerusalem and include 7 locations are: (1. Beit Iskaria, 2. Jabaa, 3. Wadi Fukin, 4. Husan, 5. Nahhalin, 6. Battir, 7. Al-Khader)
  • North of Hebron Governorate: include 3 locations are: (8. Beit Ummar, 9. Shyoukh Arroub, and 10. Surif.
  • Project Period: 17 months start from 10/08/2023 till 09/01/2025


  • Main goal:   to “Enhance biodiversity and environmental conditions in the rural areas of Bethlehem and Hebron Governorates, as a response to mitigate climate change impacts through active participation of citizens and in particular youth and women as positive deviances”.


  • Partnership with not less than 10 youth and women grassroots and CBOs, NGOs, Farmers, and Unions (Partners).
  • Raising 15 awareness workshops (environmental sustainability, biodiversity and “Go Green Practices’’ building on 3Rs approach Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) for 10 communities.
  • Advocacy and media campaign (Environment rights, environment’s resource use, preservation, and protection) that will focus on community involvement and participation.
  • Go green practices guide booklet, that will be designed, printed, and disseminated to citizen through different methods (hard copies and digital copies). The manual will focus on innovative (Go Green Practices) for adapting

and mitigating environment and climate change impacts on the health, socio-economic and daily life of citizens.

  • Obj2: To enable targeted Youth and Women in how to adapt “Green Practices” and to extend this knowledge to their communities as (positive deviances). through achieve
  • Recruitment of 10 groups from youth and women in the targeted rural communities that will be jointly selected with partners.
  • Training sessions for 5 groups (Advocacy and community initiatives, climate change impacts and environmental sustainability, 3Rs approach Reduce, Reuse and Recycle).


  • Assessment of 10 environmental and climate change (community environmental profile) that will be done in the leadership of youth and women groups and PWLS and partners.


  • Obj3: To enable targeted communities to participate and engage actively to play a constructive role towards a sustainable environment with innovative practices for adapting and mitigating climate change and protect biodiversity. through achieve
  • Expanded 10 consultative workshops (Echo youth and women groups), CBOs, NGOs, Farmers, Unions, and communities’ citizens to discuss and feedback (community environmental profile). that will be the base for the initiatives (solutions).
  •  Environmental initiatives champion (solutions toward Environmental and climate change assessment) that will be leaded by Youth and women groups after with active communities’ citizens.
  • Implementing 10 initiatives by youth and women and PWLS supervision.


  • Obj4: To develop the capacity of PWLS in strategic planning for its programs and projects. through achieve
  • Participation of 20 persons from PWLS’s (BoD, GA, Staff, and stakeholders) in discussion of strategic planning process and procedures.
  • Development of Strategic Planning Manual.