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PWLS is an active and professional NGO and non-profit organization working in research and education in nature conservation among the Palestinian society and the region. Mission? The conservation and enhancement of Palestinian biodiversity & wildlife

Help the Palestine Wildlife Society deal with the consequence of war

The Palestine Wildlife Society, the first of its kind in Palestine, has since it was founded in 1999, adopted the slogan “Together for Humans and Nature,”. Rising to meet this ambition has never been an easy task. The living conditions of the Palestinian people under the continuously emerging conflicts due to the Israeli occupation made that even harder.

In the2008 war in Gaza, the people of the Gaza Strip and its wildlife both suffered. It led to the displacement of thousands of people, young and old and made the humanitarian situation very very difficult. Humanitarian laws and international laws give people the right to live in freedom, dignity and a healthy environment.

Important Biodiversity In Palestine



Project: Eco Youth and Women for 'Go Green Practices' Project

مشروع نساء و شباب نحو ممارسات بيئية خضراء

Palestine Wildlife Society (PWLS) implements Eco Youth and Women for ‘’Go Green Practices’ Project through Active Citizenship (ACA) Project implemented by Global Communities (GC) with funding from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Targeted Areas: 10 Rural communities located in the two Governorates. These 10 communities inhabited by about 100,000 inhabitants who suffers from political segregation, socio-economic challenges, and lack of provided services:



Our mother earth is the place where we all live, and it is the duty of each person who lives on it to protect it and keep it safe and sustainable. 

The care and sustainability of nature and wildlife in Palestine are essential to the Palestinian people and all lovers who care about the environment and nature conservation around the ...



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