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Role of The E.A.P E.I as a Human Right PEPS SOCN





The Scholastic“ Ornithology Club” Network



The Environmental & Conservation Education activities are related to the concepts of renewable way which must be practiced with a joyful factor and the spirit of recreations that refresh the memory and the spirit from the stress and feeding of memorizing and remembering during the learning with enjoyment and teaching students. 

    Although the method of awareness about clubs needs much effort and longer time, the clubs are considered to be the best ways of preparing the aware generations, which protect the Wildlife and Nature instead of destroying the Nature, Wildlife and Humans. 

This is the main slogan to establish the Scholastic“ Ornithology Club” Network (SOCN) in the schools. The establishing of SOCN becomes very important through the environmental & Education concepts which costs only the caring about what we have around us through a new Environmental & Conservation Education concepts during the activities, that are practicing by the members of the clubs in the school in a creative way which understands the components of the wildlife and the importance to keep it and applying the Educational concept to be a daily Social value.

  The Aim:

The (SOCN) aims at encouraging the students to understand the human being site in its environmental framework and to absorb this relation between both sides.  The students have an active and vital role in this topic, because they are the heirs of the future.  But we can’t ignore teachers who are considered to be the bridge over which one can jump in order to reach the students. 

   Teacher must be well acquainted of the:

 Environmental Education

& Conservation Education

(Wildlife & Nature Conservation)

So that our students can receive such information correctly & daily through the formal and informal curricula.

 The members of the SOCN:

 Every student is usually a member of this club who works with his colleagues as partners and with his teachers as supervisors.  To increase the awareness of the economic, scientific and cultural values for the natural resources, which is their common objective.        

Why was the SOCN established?

   To achieve their objectives as mentioned before.  These clubs succeeded in performing their jobs.  It was really a perfect success.  They have made some progress in changing partially of as a whole the individual behavior.  This was achieved by following the learning and teaching process.

We can never pass the necessary environmental information to the coming generation unless we increase the environmental awareness by using various means of education.

                 Why do we need these clubs?

In our country there are thousands of schools;

                        Public schools, Private schools & UNRWA schools in Palestine

There is a great need to activate the concepts, the principles and the aims of modern Wildlife & Nature Conservation  which have been implemented in millions of schools in the world. 

The Wildlife & Nature Conservation in Palestine is still in the beginning.  Some NGO’s adopted the idea and have been working on it for several years.  Some tangible consequences among hundreds of our students can been seen now regarding the Wildlife & Nature Conservation concepts. 

   It is agreed that some Environmental Education (E.E) and Nature Conservation curricula are to be prepared and many activities are to be carried in order to apply the new curricula in our schools in cooperation with Education Ministry (Education Development Center /Ramallah and other NGO’s in Palestine. 

  All these firms work hard to sustain the Wildlife & Nature Conservation concepts in our schools since the PWLS was established on 1999.  



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